Building Upon Strengths, Building Our Future: A school for children with Language Based Learning Differences.

Jewish children with learning differences deserve to experience an excellent education among their Jewish peers, al pi derech Hatorah. For too long, parents have had to make the agonizing choice between addressing the individual needs of their child in a non-Jewish school, or keeping their child in a Jewish school without sufficient opportunity for academic growth. 

Our Mission

At Binyan, motivated students with diagnosed language based learning differences receive an excellent Judaic and General Studies education in a nurturing Yeshiva, Torah environment. Binyan has two distinct and separate divisions for boys and girls. Our boys division is generously being hosted at Talmudical Academy and our girls division is generously being hosted at Bais Yaakov. Binyan specifically serves students with language based learning differences, who have average to above average intelligence and have not yet reached their potential levels of success in traditional classroom settings.Binyan ensures every student achieves success by actively seeking out and providing individual opportunities to build each child’s inherent strengths, develop self-awareness, and help each student become a strong self-advocate. Students work at their own pace in a small group setting with a low teacher-student ratio, taught by educators who specialize in researched-based methodologies.  Binyan fosters a love of Torah, emphasize middos tovos, and encourage the students to become contributing members of the olam. All areas of the curriculum are designed to develop and shine each child’s inner spark.

Binyan Yisroel is pending Maryland State Nonpublic School Approval.

Binyan is a nonprofit 501 c3. With the Haskama of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann and Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer. Binyan opened in September 2023 for its inaugural year with separate boys (4th and 5th grade) and girls (3rd grade) division. Binyan Yisroel is educationally supported by Shemesh, a program of the Associated as well as The Jemicy School.